Eusoma Certification Process for quality in comprehensive and multidisciplinary breast care

Model QT dataset for assessing compliance by Breast Units Audit Systems to EUSOMA Initial Certification requirements

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Example of a patient exported in CSV file in the accepted format:

Personal ID identifying the patientPerson_IDTEXT (16)Exported value: IT00000000000076
Integer identifying the lesion in the patient (1,2,3...) Lesion_ID NUMBER Exported value: 1
AgeAGENUMBERExported value: 16
Side location of the lesionB01CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Classification with respect to other lesionsB03CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Single or main")
Source of referralD01CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Result of mammogramD02CODEExported value: 3 (meaning "R3-Abn. indetermined significance")
Date of mammogramD03DATEExported value: 13/3/2007
Ultrasound scanD06CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Date of ultrasound scanD07DATEExported value: 2/12/2006
Cytological result (FNA)D08CODEExported value: 3 (meaning "C3-Atypia probably benign")
Date of sampleD08ADATEExported value: 13/11/2006
Core biopsy resultD09CODEExported value: 4 (meaning "B4-Suspicious of malignancy")
Type of invasion at CBD10CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "Invasive")
Date of CBD10ADATEExported value: 8/10/2005
Technique (CB)D12CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "Vacuum assisted")
Clinical examinationD13ACODEExported value: 3 (meaning "Suspicious of malignancy")
Disease extentD11CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "Multicentric")
Tumour size by imaging or clinical examinationD16NUMBERExported value: 98
T by imaging or clinical examinationD19TEXT (3)Exported value: ABC
N (Regional nodes affected)D20CODEExported value: 3 (meaning "3")
M (Distant metastases)D21CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Date of decision to operate or 1st therapy referralD23DATEExported value: 7/11/2007
Final recommendations to patientD24CODEExported value: 8 (meaning "Assessment refused")
Patient operatedN00CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Reason for non-interventionN00ACODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Date of 1st breast operationE05DATEExported value: 3/11/2006
Type of 1st interventionE08CODEExported value: 6 (meaning "Mastectomy")
Specimen X-ray (1st breast operation)E13CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Result of RX specimen (1st breast operation)E13BCODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Lesion present and centred")
Result of frozen section of the lesionE14CODEExported value: 3 (meaning "Positive for CIS")
Result of frozen section (specimen margins)E15CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Weight (gr.) of the specimen (benign lesion)E16NUMBERExported value: 37
Date of 2nd breast operationF05DATEExported value: 28/8/2007
Type of 2nd interventionF08CODEExported value: 8 (meaning "Other")
Date of 3rd breast operationF38DATEExported value: 7/6/2006
Type of 3rd interventionF40CODEExported value: 6 (meaning "Mastectomy")
SLN procedureP01CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "Not performed")
Date of intervention on sentinel lymph nodeP07DATEExported value: 13/12/2007
SLN (Blue Dye)P10CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
SLN (Radio guided)P19CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Axillary operationG01CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Performed")
Date of intervention (axilla)G07DATEExported value: 5/3/2006
Type of axillary operation (level)G09CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Total or partial excision of pectoral musclesG14CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Immediate reconstructionH04CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Performed")
Failed biopsyH07CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Date of failed biopsyH08DATEExported value: 6/6/2006
Final pathologyI01CODEExported value: 6 (meaning "Other")
Other main diagnosis at final pathologyI02TEXT (13)Exported value: ABCDEFGHIJKLM
DCIS componentI03CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Present")
Histological type of benign lesionsI05CODEExported value: 88 (meaning "Other")
Invasive histological type at final pathologyI06CODEExported value: 4 (meaning "Mucinous")
Grade of invasive cancerI08CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "II")
Classification used for gradeI09CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "OMS")
Presence or absence of vascular invasionI10CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "Not seen")
In situ histological typeI11CODEExported value: 3 (meaning "Comedo")
Grade of DCIS lesionsI13CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Classification used for DCIS gradingI14CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "European Group (nuclear grade)")
Disease extentI16CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Multiple")
Pathological size (mm.)I21NUMBERExported value: 54
Total size (mm. invasive + in situ)I22NUMBERExported value: 61
Evaluation of margins at final pathology after last operationI23CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Minimum distance of the tumour from the margins (inv.)I24NUMBERExported value: 80
Minimum distance of the tumour from the margins (CDIS)I25ANUMBERExported value: 6
pTI26CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
LN statusI27CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Positive")
SLN histologic resultI29CCODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
pN (SLN)I29BCODEExported value: 999 (meaning "999")
pNI28CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "1")
N. of LN examined by the pathologistI29NUMBERExported value: 28
N. of axillary LN containing tumourI30NUMBERExported value: 20
Oestrogen receptor statusI38CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Progesterone receptor statusI39CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "Not performed")
Evaluation method adopted for hormonal receptor statusI40CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Immunohistochemical")
Radiotherapy (RT) performedL01CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "Patient refusal")
Date of first RT appointmentL03DATEExported value: 3/7/2005
Date of first RT fractionL04DATEExported value: 15/4/2006
Scheduled date of last RT fractionL05DATEExported value: 11/9/2005
Actual date of last RT fractionL06DATEExported value: 18/1/2006
Conventional RT fractionL07NUMBERExported value: 69
Total administered doseL09NUMBERExported value: 26
Boost dose administeredL10NUMBERExported value: 1
RT on BreastL11CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "No")
Radiotherapy boostL13CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
RT on AxillaL21CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Interruption to radiotherapy for technical reasonsL24CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Endocrine therapy performedM01CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Ovarian ablation performedM02CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Hormone therapy prescribedM04CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Treatment in association with chemotherapyM11CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Type of association with chemotherapyM12CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Chemotherapy performedM13CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "No")
Date of first chemotherapy cycleM14DATEExported value: 11/3/2005
Date of last chemotherapy cycleM15DATEExported value: 17/7/2007
Combination of drugsM15ACODEExported value: 9 (meaning "ADM-TAX")
Withdrawal due to toxicityM28CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Local recurrenceFU01CODEExported value: 9 (meaning "Unknown")
Date of local recurrenceFU02DATEExported value: 6/5/2006
Regional LN recurrenceFU03CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Yes")
Date of 1st regional recurrenceFU04DATEExported value: 2/10/2005
Type of 1st regional recurrenceFU05CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)
Distant metastasesFU06CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "No")
Date of 1st distant metastasesFU07DATEExported value: 25/5/2006
Site of distant metastasesFU08CODEExported value: 1 (meaning "Other LN")
New primary breast cancerFU09CODEExported value: 0 (meaning "No")
Date of new primary breast cancerFU10DATEExported value: 11/2/2005
Patient status at follow-upFU11CODEExported value: 2 (meaning "Alive with progression of disease")
Date of follow-up (if died date of death)FU12DATEExported value: 27/4/2006
Cause of deathFU13CODEExported value: no character (i.e. missing value)